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We specialise in wireless building and construction site camera security

‘The amount of gear I lost was so significant the job pretty much ground to a halt. My guys were standing around while I had to rush around getting new tools with the uneasy knowledge of not knowing whether the insurance company were going to come to the party. Thankfully they did, but well over 2 months down the trail and many of my own man hours in claim documentation and chasing up.’

Ruben Bunting Protext Security

About Ruben

Ruben has been involved with GSM building site alarms for over 9 years. Keeping up with market demand for camera alarm security this latest product range offers a reliable, robust, battery-powered solution for any building environment or any vulnerable remote site for that matter. 

With a background of building himself, it took a major loss of plant and materials for Ruben to invest in a solution.

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