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Ruben setup our downtown site with a 3x camera system. The HD Camera quality is amazing and wireless camera range far exceeded my expectations. The smartphone app is extremely user-friendly. I highly recommend the system for any commercial operator out there!Watene Pikia,Site Foreman, Consortium Construction

Howard barrington building group

We used x2 of the Protext Security Camera’s in both our site shed and the building under construction. If anyone was to break in I would get a text directly to my phone, along with an image of the detected movement from the camera. It's great to have the peace of mind that the boys are able to keep all their tools on-site safe and sound and all our hard work is not going to be vandalised or stolen. Howard Barrington Group

Gregg builders

We needed a comprehensive security solution for an extremely high-end architectural build we are involved in. Ruben is super knowledgeable when it comes to building site security, we opted for the outdoor cameras to both access points of the site along with Protext standard GSM alarms inside. We’re amazed by the simplicity of the system and the client loved the fact we had his home monitored when no one was there.Blair Watson,Foreman, Gregg Builders

Naylor Love

We have been involved with Protext right from the start as we saw their product then perfect for our sites. 7 years on we have never lost any gear with Protext hardware monitoring our construction sites. Looking forward to using their new camera alarms. Especially for the areas where expensive materials are exposed to the elements and or not lockable.—Naylor Love

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